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Description Shiodome is the newest districts located in Tokyo. Completely built after the year 2000 it is the most modern of all the districts in Tokyo. It is comprised of three different types of buildings, skyscrapers, restaurants and hotels and residential. It houses the Shiodone Shiosite, Caretta Shidome and the tokyo Advertising Museum. Because of its modernity, it is a bustling city that has all you can imagine all located in one convenient place. Serviced by the Shiodome station, it is easily accessible by public transportation.


Description An artificial island in the bay of Tokyo, Daiba is home to many major residential and commercial spots in Tokyo. It houses the Waterfront Secondary City Center and is just across the Rainbow Bridge from the central part of Tokyo. It remains as one of the greatest shopping and sightseeing locations in Tokyo. Easily accessible by public transportation, there are many attractions for visitors or accommodations for those who intend to stay. If you are looking to settle, or just to have something to do for the day, it is a great spot to see.


Description Literally translated into the “new bridge” Shimbashi was the first terminal in the tokyo railway system. It still houses one of the greatest commercial districts in Tokyo. It has many skyscrapers and high rise buildings. Home to the corporate office of many of the most successful corporations in Tokyo, it can be seen for its tall modernity, all around Tokyo. It is home to the Nippon Television, Dentsu and the Kyodo News. Where the action happens it is definitely a good place to visit, or to live.


Description Kachidoki is a district that is home to the Kachidoki bridge. It is a bridge which overseas the Sumida River. It is the only drawbridge to cross the famous river. It was resurrected to commemorate the victory of Japan during the Russo-Japanese War. An amazing architectural feat, it is something that you should behold. Also home to the Kachidoki bridge Museum, you are able to get a sense for the historical significance of its majesty.


Description Tsukiji is home to the famous Tsukiji fish market. It literally means “reclaimed land” located near the Sumida River, it was taken back from the Tokyo Bay during the 18th century. It is best known as a wholesale district where many markets are located. It is also home to some of the most famous and best sushi restaurants in the city of Tokyo. With over 2000 tons coming from this fishing region, there is a reason why.


Description Kokusai-tenjijo is a railway station that houses the greatest exhibition sites in Tokyo. It is a station that houses the Tokyo Big Sight exhibition center. A station on the Rinkai Line, it is owned by the Tokyo Waterfront Area Rapid Transit. The hub of many different lines, it houses the home base to get anywhere around Tokyo. It also has the Tokyo Bay Ariake Washington Hotel and the Ariake Coliseum.

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