Central Tokyo Area

Tokyo Station

Description The Tokyo Station is home to the Palace grounds. One of the most hectic stations in Tokyo, it is the busiest of all the other terminals. The second largest stations, it connects to all the other subway and lines around the city, being the hub that connects everything. There are 10 platforms and 20 tracks that lead to anywhere around the city that you wish to visit. Located in the Marunouchi district, it is home to the powerhouse of the Tokyo economy.


Description Otemachi is one of the most ancient places of the city. It houses the journalistic population with five of the newspapers that support the readers of Japan. It also houses many corporate offices for some of the biggest corporations in Japan. Located near the station there is also the Communications Museum which stands as testament of the journalist integrity of Tokyo. It also has the famous Wadakura Fountain Park where you can sit, relax and enjoy the beautiful gardens.


Description The Yotsuya is one of the oldest station in Tokyo. It was founded on a small farming village, and now is home to many temples and shrines. There is also a watch tower that looks out over the entire city. Places of interest near Yotsuya are Akasaka Palace, GThe Sainenji Temple and Sophia University. Once a small town, it has grown into a great place for visitors to see historical architecture and many other sites.

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