Meguro Area


Description Literally translated into “meadow lodging” it spans from block one to block three. It is an area which has great history and a history of being named other things. Over the past couple of decades it has seen a insurgence of being the up and coming neighborhood for trendy youths around Japan. The potential for its growth only continuing to expand. It is home to many shops, restaurants and neighborhoods catering to the mid to upper wealthy in Japan.


Description Shirokane-dai is a place that caters to the well to do in Japan. It has forested areas which are owned by many high end corporations as well as educational institutions. Home to the Institute for Nature Study and the Institute of Medical Sciences, it is the epicenter for attractions. The original name of this region was Oei, but was later changed. It is a neighborhood which has serenity and a lot of natrual beauty.


Description Located in the Meguro District, is a quiet residential district. It houses the Yutenji temple which is known as the temple of the Pure Land Buddhism. Filled with the natural beauty of Cherry trees, it is where the Cherry Blossom Festival is celebrated yearly. A time when people in the neighborhood, as well as around Tokyo, take part in the blossoming beauty of the cherry trees with festivities and picnics. They also hang lights and hold celebrations.

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