North Central Tokyo


Description Ikebukuro is a station which services the Ikebukuro city center. It is a city center which has many shopping areas, stores and a convention center. Holding the famous Seibu Department store and the Tobu Department Store, it is a great place to spend the day shopping for those things that you can’t get anywhere else. Easily accessible, it has everything you need located in one place.


Description Korakuen station is the station which services the Chuo University. It was the first English Law School located in Tokyo. It continues to be a center for great learning in Tokyo. Also serviced by the Korakuen is Toppan Hall which is a famous music hall which is known not only for the entertainment it provides but for the way that it was built and the aesthetics that it provides to the city.


Description Iidabashi is in the district of Chiyoda ward. Home to the Tokyo University of Science, it is serviced by the Iidabashi station. It also serves the Koishikawa Korakuen which are claimed to the most beautiful gardens in Tokyo and the Sotobori Park that is home to an extensive array of blossom trees. Accessible by moat, it is a great experience to behold. Take a boat ride, or check out the historical sites of the great gardens.


Description Komagome was originally established as a residential place for the feudal lords of the Tokyo area in the 17th century. It is home to many great shrines and has the old world charm of yesteryear. It also has many restaurants and shops which are quaint and wonderful for a day out of looking at greenery and some extensive buildings that are a great feat of architecture.

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