North Tokyo


Description Asakusa is a region that is located in Tokyo that has both residential and commercial property. Located near the government branches of buildings, it is easily accessible by the Asakusa Station. There are many places of interest in the Asakusa that you may want to check out while staying, or visiting, tokyo. The Asakus Kannon Temple, and the Sensoji Temple just being two of them. It is a great place of history and display of Tokyo culture.


Description Ueno is the home of the famous Ueno Park and the Ueno station. It is a great place for tourists, having many of the richest places for history and cultural significance in Tokyo. It houses the Tokyo National Museum and the National Museum of Nature and Science. There are also many Buddhist temples and Shinto Shrines. When visiting Tokyo make sure to set aside at least a day to visit this wonderful historical conglomerate of cultural history.


Description Oshiage is operated by the joint venture of Tokyo Metro, Tobu Railway, Keisei Electric Railway and Toei. It is surrounded by one of the largest commercial centers in Tokyo. Easy to get to there are many sites and businesses to frequent, easily accessible by the station. The most famous part is the Tokyo Sky tree which is a broadcasting tower which was just completed in the year 2011. Also located for your entertainment is the Noh Mask Museum.

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