Shibuya Area


Description One of the 23 special wards, Shibuya is defined by its shopping areas. It is serviced by the Shibuya station, which remains one of the busiest stations in Tokyo. It is most commonly known for its dense population with mostly young Japanese adults who inhabit it. Being a city for the young, there is an abundance of nightlife, shopping and entertainment to keep them entertained. A higher priced area, it is a desirable place to reside.


Description Being in central Tokyo Daikanyama is known for its upscale shopping center and luxurious restaurants. Small boutiques cater to the clientele and residents of the city. It is serviced by the Daikanyama station. A neighborhood that caters to the finer things, it has all the exquisite things that you may be looking for. Pricer than other neighborhoods to reside in, the people who inhabit it are more well to do than in other places around Tokyo.


Description Easily accessible by many public transport lines, Ebisu has many shopping boutiques, restaurants, and upscale shops. It is one of the most expensive places to live in Tokyo, and has all the conveniences of luxury chains and Western influences. Many attractions are there to keep you entertained, and being easily accessible, there are many desirable neighborhoods. From Breweries to Westin hotels, they cater to the wealthy in Tokyo.

Aoyama(Aoyama-Itchome station)

Description Also know as “Blue Mountain” Aoyama is located in Minato Ward. A neighborhood that is home to many different homes, temples and shrines, it is the perfect combination of residential and cultural living. It is popular to the younger people in Tokyo because of the many attractions, shopping and places to eat. Easily accessible it has many public transit lines that operate through it. One of the main attractions is the Aoyama municipal cemetery which is the final resting place to dignitaries and famous Japanese icons.


Description Omotesando is a combined subway station and neighborhood. It has a main street, which sees over 100,000 people daily, a highly populated, and popular area, it is the leading place for architecture and fashion. A highly trendy and cultural area, it has many great shops, including those which are famous around the world. Home to the many upscale places that you can get in the states, it is somewhere where you can find everything you want to remind you of home.


Description Literally translated into “meadow lodging” it spans from block one to block three. It is an area which has great history and a history of being named other things. Over the past couple of decades it has seen a insurgence of being the up and coming neighborhood for trendy youths around Japan. The potential for its growth only continuing to expand. It is home to many shops, restaurants and neighborhoods catering to the mid to upper wealthy in Japan.

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