West Tokyo


Description Jiyugaoka is a neighborhood which is located at the junction of the Oimachi Line and the Tokyo Line. It houses many restaurants and stores. Mostly an isolated and rural area until the 1920s, it has become a very populated urban suburb. It is easily accessible by the Kuhonbutsu station on the Tokyo Line. It is an upper class neighborhood where many of the famous in Tokyo reside. It was recently voted the most favorable place to live.


Description Located in Setagaya, it is the hippest neighborhood in Tokyo as voted by the residents. It has an extensive social scene and the neighborhood is littered with shops and upscale trendy stores. Occupied by a younger crowd, there are also many cafes and entertainment outlets. The residents mostly live in high rises and are city dwellers, enjoying the many attractions that the city has to offer its inhabitants. It is a hotspot for those living there as well as those just visiting.


Description Kichijoji is a place which is considered an “artsy” area. It is in the neighborhood city of Musashino, which is located in the commercial area of the city. The Kichijoji station is what services the major transit and has a tendency to attract a younger crowd on the weekends who enjoy the nightlife and the entertainment afforded by the large city crowd. Many other attractions such as the Inokashira Park and the Zoo attract families and visitors alike.


Description Futagotamagawa has been labeled Japan’s first upscale neighborhood. Trendy, it is the new up and coming neighborhood for the chic and those who enjoy entertainment, a young crowd, the latest style and high society fashion. A large department store is the cornerstone of the neighborhood and its inhabitants are tight knit. It is also a place where there are many corporate outlets and buildings. Catering to the upper wealthy, there has been a insurgence of new residential high rises built to accommodate the growing population.

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