Noh and Kyogen

Noh and Kyogen

Dating back to the 14th century, kyogen scripts are used for intermission between Noh acts. Linking the Noah play with the modern means of entertainment which is characterized by slapstick and comedic silliness. Noh was most often reserved for the well to do in the community, but there were times when it was opened up for the commoner. Unlike other performances, the characters do not wear masks. It is entertainment dating back centuries which is still appreciated today.

National Noh Theatre

Description The National Noh Theatre is a traditional theatre that is located in Japan. THere are many different locations for them around Japan. They are the place where Noh theatrical plays are performed and enjoyed by millions of visitors, as well as the people who live in Japan. A cultural experience, it is something that has been enjoyed for centuries, and definitely something that you should not miss while visiting. Not just for plays there are other cultural experiences to partake in.

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