Sumo Wrestling

Sumo Wrestling

Looking for something unique and fun? Sumo wrestling matches are a popular pastime of the Japanese culture. Steeped in rich tradition, this is really a sight that should not be missed. Highly competitive, these matches will have you at the edge of your seat. These oversized athletes are conditioned for many years to fight in the ring, and to be highly entertaining for those in the audience. Unlike any other wrestling match you will experience, this is really one to not miss.

Ryogoku Kokugikan

Address 1-3-28 Yokoami Sumida-ku, Tokyo 130-0015Map
Description Ryogoku Kokugikan is a sumo tournament venue, which also houses a sumo museum and provides tours of the grounds. Tournaments run in different months every year, so prior research and booking is advised. Tours include practice sessions, demonstrations by sumo wrestlers and talks on the history of sumo as a sport. The museum aims to preserve many historical artefacts relating to sumo; the displays are changed six times throughout the year, but the museum is not open every day.

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