International Schools

International Schools

Being a diverse city, Tokyo realizes the importance of operating on a global level. If you are relocating for a short, or extended period of time, you may be worried about the language barrier, and how to accommodate your children. There are many international private schools located around Tokyo to enroll your children into. Taught in the language of your home country, you need not worry about the language differential, or the education that your children will receive.

The American School in Japan

Description Just because you are far from home doesn’t mean that you can’t complete your American degree abroad. Take English courses while staying in Japan. Many different courses are available in English for you to further your education while away from home. It is the perfect way to make your time away useful. Take long term courses, or short, many options and course selections are available.

Hiroo Gakuen

Address Tokyo Minato Ku Minami Azabu 5-1-14Map
Description An international school in the heart of Japan, if you are looking for an education for your children that is taught in English, this school is a great choice. Servicing high school students around Japan, International studies and student life are both important components of the academic world. Sending your children to an English speaking international school will give them the advantage they need to compete in a multi-cultural business market.

Christian Academy in Japan

Address 1-2-14 Shinkawa-cho Higashi Kurume-shi Tokyo 203-0013Map
Description If you are looking for a Christian education away from home, the Christian Academy in Japan is the perfect place for you to continue your studies. Those who are wanting to gain a career in the Catholic church can find the right education to get them where they want to be. If you are a follower of Jesus Christ, you can learn more about him, and how to make following him the career of a lifetime. Available courses year long it is the perfect place to further your religious education.

K. International School Tokyo

Address 1-5-15 Shirakawa, Koto-ku, Tokyo, 135-0021Map
Description If you are away from home with your family, you may be looking for the perfect education for your children. The K. International School Tokyo is the way to set them up for the best education of a lifetime. Having classes that run pre-k through Grade 12, they can have an education for the future. Based on strict discipline, it is a school which is taught in English to those who are studying internationally.

International School of the Sacred Heart

Address 4-3-1 Hiroo, Shibuya-ku ,Tokyo 150-0012Map
Description Looking for a place to send your children to school when abroad where they can get an English education that is world renowned? Try International School of the Sacred Heart. It is a catholic school that believes in the value of an education that is based on religious belief and academics. For students kindergarten through high school, this will give your child the best of an international education so that they can compete with other children from around the world.

Seisen International School

Address 12-15 Yoga 1-chome, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 158-0097Map
Description If you need a school to educate your children in Japan, taught in English, look no further than the Seisen International School. They have classes taught in English that are spiritually based and academically superior to other schools around Japan. Being with other English speaking students who may be transplants, they are offered the ability to learn from the best institution, forming friendships for a life time with other children from all walks of life and backgrounds to succeed in the future.

Canadian International School

Address 5-8-20, Kitashinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, TokyoMap
Description An English speaking school in the heart of Japan, the Canadian International School offers its students a private education that will get them where they want to be for the future. Servicing grades pre-k through high school, academics are most important, making friendships is the result. Give your children the best education for the future while providing them with friends that will span the worldwide.

St. Mary's International School

Address 1-6-19 Seta, Setagaya-ku,Tokyo 158-8668Map
Description A Catholic based international school in Japan, if you are looking for a religious education that is taught in English, than St. Mary's International School may be the perfect institution for you. Not only religious based, it is academically superior to other schools located in Japan and abroad. Servicing students from pre-k to high school and beyond, this is the best background education you can provide for your children. Taking classes with other children from around the world will give them a perspective they can’t get anywhere else.

KAIS International School

Address 2-7-16 Kami-Osaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0021Map
Description An international school that is completely taught in English, this private school honors discipline and academics as being among the most thing for a successful future. They specialize in seminars and other student activities as well as a great student life full of activities and sports. Learning the cultures of other places, they are given the understanding of a world view instead of one that is limited by nationalism.

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