Japanese Language

Japanese Language

Whether you are in Tokyo for a short period of time, or an extended one, learning the language is a good idea. While immersed in the culture, it is a good time to start taking Japanese language classes. There are many academic learning centers to learn Japanese in your spare time, or full time. Getting the practical use of everyday speaking around town, is something that you should maximize while visiting or staying in Tokyo.

Kudan Japanese Language School

Address Teitomisaki Building1F, 2-7-10, Misaki-Cho, Chiyoda-ku, TokyoMap
Description While in France...is the same as while in Japan. If you are visiting Japan for an extended period of time you may want to learn how to speak their language. You can learn not only how to speak the language but the many cultural practices that will give you an in in business, or an insight into the social realm of the Japanese culture. While you are there learn to speak their language and enrich your communication, and relations with fellow business members.


Description If you are looking to become immersed in the Japanese culture, then learn not only the language they speak, but their customs, their art forms and the other many things that make Japan so mysterious and wonderful. Take a class, or many abroad at the ARC ACADEMY. They have many different courses that you can take from multi-international places around the world. Learn with others from around the globe to become more successful internationally.

Naganuma School

Address 16-26, Nampeidaicho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0036Map
Description If you want to take school abroad and immerse yourself into another culture, take courses at Naganuma School. They specialize in foreign students from around the world, teaching them not only the Japanese language, but the customs, business practices and art forms of the Japanese culture. The perfect way to learn a language is by completely immersing yourself in it. This is the perfect way to experience a whole new world.

Meros Language School

Address 2-45-7 Higashi Ikebukuro,Toshima-ku,Tokyo zip:170-0013Map
Description If you are ready for an experience away from home to immerse yourself into another culture which is completely different from your own than enroll into Meros Language School. They offer Japanese language classes and all other study abroad classes that allow you to learn while being among a whole different culture. You can learn about their culture, their art, while learning the regular curriculum that you would from a school that is located in your native land.

Yoshida Institute of Japanese Language

Address 1-23-14 Nishiwaseda Shinjuku-ku Tokyo 169-0051Map
Description The best place for Japanese language studies in Japan, it offers classes both full time and part time. There are many different courses available that cater to short term semesters and quick learning. If you are looking for the perfect place to continue your studies on a student visa, complete your education at the Yoshida Institute of Japanese Language. Don’t be stuck in a foreign country without understanding the things around you. Learning just a little Japanese will help you adjust much easier.

Yohanwaseda Foreign Language School

Address 2-9-13 Hyakunincho Shinjuku-ku , Tokyo 169-0073Map
Description If you want to take a foreign language while in Japan try the Yohanwaseda Foreign Language School. They have short term classes and long term classes available that allow you to learn to speak the language either fully, or just enough to be successful in the things that bring you to Japan to begin with. Whether you want to understand the television and radio, or you intend to make Japanese your second language there is an appropriate course for you to take to achieve your goals.

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