Looking for a diverse educational experience, Tokyo is the perfect place to study abroad. The educational centers located around Tokyo are among the best institutions in the world. Study the culture of Japan, or study international business, whatever courses you choose, you can be sure that you will be getting the experience and education of a lifetime. Having professors that are world renowned, you are literally getting the best education available worldwide. There are many classes being taught in your foreign language. Universities in Tokyo cater to those studying abroad.

National University

There are over 86 national universities around Japan. Unlike both private and public universities, National universities are held in higher esteem in Japan than other forms of higher education. In 2004 the education system went through an overhaul which incorporated national universities that were organized without the rule of the government employees of Japan. Once public universities, they have been privatized and specialized, given them better credentials.

The University of Tokyo

Description The key to success in the future is having a great education to back your career. The University of Tokyo is a great place to get the academic learning that you need to take off into the world. Whether you want to study business, or one of the many degrees earned through the University, you are guaranteed to get the one of a kind education that you can’t get through any other campus in Japan. Student life is an important aspect of the experience and one which is fulfilling as well.

Tokyo Gakugei University

Description If you are looking for an English speaking university in Japan, then look no further than the Tokyo Gakugei University. They have courses all taught in English with many different specialty and majors available. A private school, it is held in high esteem and has very high standards not only for admissions, but for graduating from this fine institution. If you want to study abroad there are many ways to do so. One of the best universities in Japan, they strive for excellence from each and every student.

Tokyo Institute of Technology

Description Those who are looking for advanced degrees in technology can get an outstanding education which will open the doors to an amazing future. Offering the best technological degrees in the field, completely taught in English, this technology school is among the highest esteemed school in Japan. Making yourself specialized in a field, makes yourself invaluable to employers worldwide. Degrees are offered in many technological degrees and others for business and research fields.

Tokyo Medical and Dental University

Description If you are looking to pursue a career in the medical or dental field, Tokyo Medical and Dental University offers the best education in Japan. Taught in English, you are able to further your education while away from home. Those looking to study abroad have the opportunity to immerse themselves into a different culture while working on their career aspirations. Short and long term course selection and a full student life program are all a part of what makes this national university education so amazing.

Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

Description For those looking for an education in foreign studies, the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies is the best place to earn their education. They only accept the best and expect the best from each and every student. With many different degrees, the possibilities are endless. There is just as much to the student life as their is for the entire educational experience. Giving you the best academic education in Japan, this institution is among the best to be accepted to and to graduate from.

Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology

Description Looking for a degree in Marine biology, or marine sciences the Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology is the best place for an advanced specialized degree. The latest technological advances and occupational education is available for those who are looking for a career related to marine life and sciences. The academics are the highest around Japan, hard to get accepted into the program, once a degree is achieved, you have an amazing career in your wake.

Tokyo University of the Arts

Description If you are looking for an amazing art school taught in English in Japan to further your art education then the Tokyo University of the Arts is the best center for you to pursue a career in art. They have different sorts of courses and classes that are specific to the type of degree you want to earn. Setting yourself up for a specialty degree that will give you a life time of doing what you love to do.

Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology

Description Looking for a national university in Japan for majors in agriculture and technology this is the one to get you the career of your dreams. An internationally English taught curriculum makes studying abroad easy, catering to students from around the world and from different backgrounds. Having many different majors and career choices, a specialized degree in the field you are looking for is possible. A university that is held in high esteem, it has high standards for both admission and for graduation.

Keio University

Description One of the finest English speaking private universities in Japan, Keio University delivers higher learning with professionalism that you can’t get elsewhere. If you are looking for an education to earn abroad that will immerse and teach you about other cultures, then Keio University is the perfect learning center for you. With many different career degrees to choose from, earning your education will make you competitive in the job market both in Japan and around the globe.

Waseda University

Description An international private college in Japan, there are both undergraduate and graduate degrees offered to students attending Waseda University. A university which is taught in English, it is perfect for those looking to study abroad, or to get an education which will aid in the success throughout the globe. You are also offered the option of studying via the internet, with classes solely able to complete online. The best of both worlds, you can take courses when your time allows.

Showa University

Description With many different degrees offered, this medical international school located in the heart of Japan trains you for the best career in medicine. Whether you are looking into dentistry, medicine, or pharmacy, you are guaranteed the best education to earn you high esteem around the world. A completely internationally taught curriculum, you can take both undergraduate and post graduate studies to earn you the degree you want to be specialized in many medical disciplines.

Juntendo University

Description Looking for a career in the medical field, look no further than the higher learning center of Juntendo University. A private university, it is completely taught in English and a great way for you to earn your medical degree abroad. Many new technologies and research endeavors are being conducted on campus, and off, with graduates being in high demand immediately after graduation. Specialized training in healthcare, there are many different degrees you can earn to get you the dream job you are desiring.

Nihon University

Description For those looking for an international private university in Japan, the Nihon University offers many different courses and majors for those who are studying abroad. A large student body lends to a great student life program, giving you the full college experience. Once graduated, a degree from this fine university will open the doors to many great career opportunities, with its reputation for academic excellence. The best that Japan has to offer in academics and specialized education abound.

Chuo University

Description A private university in Japan, the Chuo University offers the best of many degrees with a beautiful campus and student life. Those looking to study abroad have an amazing opportunity to immerse themselves into the Japanese culture, while enjoying an education which is first rate. The academics are among the highest standards in Japan, and once graduated, you will be in high demand both around Japan and throughout the world. Looking for a well rounded, yet specific career field, you can attend Chuo University and be assured you are getting both.

Tokyo Metropolitan University

Description A public university in the heart of Japan, when you attend the Tokyo Metropolitan University you are attending an institution which is ranked seventh among the many universities located around the city. With many different majors to choose from, being a part of new technologies and research on campus is only part of the exciting things that this university offers. Offering both graduate and undergraduate degrees, earning your education from this institution will get you the career you are dreaming of, making you in high demand both around Japan and worldwide.

Tokyo University of Science

Description If you are looking for a degree in science from a public university in Japan, look no further than Tokyo University of Science. They have many different degrees offered in the science field, including both undergraduate and graduate degrees. There are specialized degrees that promote internationalism and a student support center that aids those who are studying abroad. Abreast the latest advances in the field of technology and science, earning your education from this institution will set you on a course for success.

Hitotsubashi University

Description A public university in Japan, Hitotsubashi University is a smaller institution with a large name behind it. One of the oldest institutional higher educational buildings in Japan, it is seeped in tradition and culture. The universities sets itself apart from others by teaching many different degrees that are aimed at keeping those who graduate globally minded in business and other related fields. If you are looking for an international school that has the backing of years of experience and excellence, than Hitotsubashi University is the perfect higher education for your needs.

Temple University Japan

Description Looking for a foreign university to study abroad? The Temple University Japan may be the perfect institution for you. With many different degrees offered there are short term and long term programs that allow you to be immersed into a different culture while earning your degree. Many highly esteemed corporations recruit from this university which means that after earning your degree you will not have a hard time finding your way into a career that you are trained for.

Lakeland College Japan Campus

Description If you are looking for an international college program in Japan, then look into Lakeland College Japan Campus. You can earn an American degree while immersing yourself into the culture of Japan. Learning the perspective of another country while getting an American education is an amazing experience that will bring you success that you won’t get from other colleges. Based out of Wisconsin, this university has traveled around the globe because of the excellence that it provides to its many students.

Teachers College Columbia University

Description If you are looking into getting your teaching degree while in Japan, or to study abroad, the Teachers College Columbia University is the best institution to attend. Being able to immerse yourself into another culture while obtaining an American degree gives you many advantages that you cant’ get elsewhere. Whether you are looking to get your undergraduate degree, or graduate degree in teaching, this is a center for excellence teaching you everything you need to know to be a well respected educator no matter where you decide to teach around the world.

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