Teaching English

Teaching English

While visiting, or extending your stay in Tokyo, you may want to consider teaching English to the Tokyo locals, or those living in Tokyo from local lands. Whether you want to teach part time or full time, it is a great way to learn another language through the exchange, and to make some additional income. Not only will you be teaching someone your native language, they will be teaching you their native tongue. Teaching opportunities are in abundance in the city center and suburbs.

My Sensei.com

Address SS-Building 315, Hourai-chou 2-4-7, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi Kanagawa-ken 231-0048Map
Description My Sensei.com is a resource for teachers who want to find private students and teaching roles in Japan. They accept teachers of any language, including English, Italian, Spanish, and Chinese. Anyone can register with the website and students aren’t charged anything for viewing and posting ads. Teachers determine how much their lessons cost and where they will take place. It’s an exclusively online service and acts very much as a hub of classified ads for the whole of Japan.

a-kaiwa .net

Address 2-2, Shibadaimon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0012Map
Description a-Kaiwa teaches English teachers how to be their own bosses. They can help teachers get out of private language schools and be their own bosses by setting their prices, the number of students they take on, and the hours. It helps them with every aspect of setting up a business, including dealing with all the customs of Japanese life and dealing with students in this country. Its main offices are in the Chiyoda area of Tokyo.

ELT News

Description ELT News is a website exclusively for English language teachers who want to find a job in Japan. Teachers can browse the latest range of jobs and apply for the ones they like best. Students can also add classified ads if they’re looking for an English language teacher to teach them. ELT News doesn’t control the ads. Everyone is free to dictate their own terms when posting. Its offices are in Shibuya, but it only accepts online inquiries.

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