Animal Cafes

Animal Cafes

If you are someone who thinks that eating food around a variety of animals is a good idea that you will love the animal cafes located around Japan. They are a part of the Cosplay phenomenon gaining popularity around Japan. You are not only eating, but exploring animals, all for entertainment value. It may seem strange to have animals running around while you are eating, but the Japanese people think it is great. It is definitely something you may want to try out while in Japan, if for nothing more than just the experience itself.

Cat cafes

If you are looking for a themed restaurant in Japan than the cat cafes may be something that you enjoy. More than just a place to dine, it is filled with cats. If you are a cat lover, it is a theme that you may really enjoy. Known as a Cosplay themed restaurant, it is gaining in popularity around Japan. Go in for a bite to eat and be entertained by the cats that are not only around, but accepted as part of the ambiance of the diner itself.

Dog Cafe

Cosplay restaurants are restaurants located in Japan that have a duel purpose, to entertain and to feed. The dog cafe is a place where you can eat while interacting with dogs. The cafe is filled with rescue dogs which have been trained and you can play with, or just pet. If you are a dog lover, this may be the perfect place for you. Quickly gaining in popularity, you should try one just for the pure entertainment value of it.

Other animal cafe

Animal cafes may be something that would not go over so well in the states, but it is something that is very popular in the Japanese culture. It is possible to play with, or to interact with all sorts of animals while you dine at a small cafe. Cosplay restaurants are all the rage, they are themed restaurants located around Japan, animal cafes are part of the phenomenon. No matter what animal is your favorite you can find a cafe that houses one.


Address 6th Floor Umamichi Myoukenya Building, 3-1-1 Asakusa, Taito-ku, TokyoMap
Description This is a new twist on the humane society. There are restaurants located around Japan where you can dine and pet, or play with cats which have been humanely saved and trained. If you are a cat lover and prefer to play with someone else’s than to own your own, this may be the perfect dinning experience for you. A Cosplay themed restaurant, they are highly loved around Japan, and located in the heart of Tokyo for your enjoyment.

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