Maid Cafe

Maid Cafe

A main cafe is a type of Cosplay restaurant where the servers all behave as if they are your maid. here are cafes where the servers all dress in maids uniforms and treat the customers like they are there solely to service them. They are very popular around Japan. They have a limited menu, and are very simple in nature. The high attraction of them is not so much in what they serve as in how they serve what they do serve. Located as well outside of Japan, they are quickly growing around the world.

@home cafe

Description @home cafe is an extension of the Cosplay themed restaurant. It is a cafe where the servers dress as maids and wait on you. They are places where you can not only eat, but be entertained. Having many different levels, there is something to do differently on each floor. You can have a birthday party there, or a business event, they cater to entertaining the individual as well as the group. The servers are more than just waitresses, they are actresses there to make your experience fun.

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