Flowers Festival

Flowers Festival


Description The Camellia flower is one of the most famous flowers in Japan. Enjoyed for their beauty they have become a symbol of the Japanese countryside which is why there are three areas which have become famous for their growth on them. Mt. Mihara peak, The Motomachi Port and Oshima Island park are all places where people go and festivals are held to adorn these beautiful flowers that have become a treasure in Japan.


Description There are many places on earth where Azaleas are indigenous, but none as overwhelming beautiful to the countryside as Japan. Because of the climate the bright flowering hues and sweet aroma of the Azalea is like no where else on Earth. During times of blossom there are festivals around town to celebrate their beauty. The flowering plants come in many different colors and really are quite a spectacle.


Description Wisteria is a beautiful flowering plant that is indigenous to Japan. It is an ornamental plant that has become one of the many symbols of Japanese beauty and culture. It is sought out and celebrated around the Japanese countryside. Whole festivals are held around the sights of these beautiful plants and they are gathered for decoration and flower arrangements. It is a purple flower that is so beautiful it almost doesn’t look real.

Blue Fagan Iris

Description The Blue Fagan Iris is a highly beloved flower of the Japanese countryside. Found in specific places it is gathered to use in flower arranging and other art practices around Japan. Grown indigenous to the region, it has come to symbolize all the nature that the Japanese state has to offer. Unlike other places on Earth flowers are a huge part of the culture of the Japanese people, and held in high regard for their natural appearance and symbiosis with nature.


Description The Hydrangea plant is something that is so beautiful it doesn’t even look real. They are plants that have beautiful large flowers that come in many different hues. The climate of Japan lends beauty to these plants that you don’t get anywhere on earth which is why during blossom times there are festivals around town to celebrate their beauty. They have no smell, but what they lack in aroma they make up for in the most beautiful colors the eyes can behold.


Description The Chrysanthemum is a beautiful plant that is plentiful in Japan. Because of the bounty of these beautiful flowers and abundance of them during parts of the year, there are festivals that are held around town to bask in their beauty. Because of the climate of Japan Chrysanthemum grow like they aren’t able to anywhere else on Earth. The beauty of them is overwhelming and celebrated by all.

Autumn leaves (koyo)

Description There is nothing more beautiful than the countryside of Japan in the fall. The many trees that line the streets and the parks experience the most beautiful colors of the season that it is hard not to stare in awe. It is a tradition during the fall months to collect the beautiful autumn leaves to make arts and to use to decorate homes and other things. The sights of the autumn colors are like those found no where else on earth.


Description Ginkgo is a plant that is celebrated and indigenous to Japan. It is not only a beautiful flowering plant, it is something that is used in many traditional medicinal concoctions. The beauty of its flowering is so overpowering to the countryside that there are festivals held during the times of bloom to celebrate the beauty of its scenery. It is a yellow tree that when in full bloom looks as bright as the sun.

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