Tokyo Olympic/Paralympic

Tokyo Olympic/Paralympic

The 2020 Summer Olympic games are set to be held in Tokyo so a lot of preparation is being made around the city. The date is July 24-August 9th. That means that millions of international travelers, more so than frequent today will not only need accommodations, they will need Olympic training centers and various places to hold the events.It is the first time that any Asian city is set to host the Olympics in history.
Description The logo for the bid to win the 2020 Olympic game depicts a cherry blossom which is the cornerstone of the beauty of the Japanese countryside. The logo represents the blossoms that are celebrated every year and are such a huge part of the Japanese culture. The blossoms are supposed to represent the gratitude that Japan expresses for helping out throughout the great disaster of the past year.

New National Stadium(Main Hall)

Description There is a competition being held in Japan to see who, or which firm, can come up with the greatest design for a new national stadium in Japan to hold the Olympic sports and beyond. Tokyo is quickly becoming a city that is immersed in the world of sports, so the intention is to build an exciting national stadium in the heart of the city for use not only for the Olympics, but for further competitive professional sports.

Olympic Village Harumi

Description The Olympic village is being resurrected for not only the athletes to stay, but the coaches and the extended family as well. Having everything centrally located in Harumi, somewhat set apart from the city, will make controlling security and the massive amount of tourist influx more manageable for the administrators of the games and those who are putting it together. It will accommodate the athletes with the most state of the art, and upscale hosting the imagination can create.


Description The concept of the stadium is to build a sports center to unite the future world of sports on a global scale. Since it is the first time a host country has been Asian, the Japanese feel it is a great venue to unite the West with the East through sportsmanship and team building. The concept is a sports festival the world has never seen. The sports arena is supposed to be grand and visible city wide.

Radiation Levels

Description There is still some concern from the world that the radiation levels from the fall out of nuclear material over the past two years is lingering in the atmosphere and the ocean. There are some who are insisting that the games should be moved out of precaution of exposure. Japan is insisting that the levels of radiation in Japan are completely safe for hosting the Olympics, especially that far into the future. Those who lost the bid are just chomping at the bit to try to replace Japan’s hosting position.


Description The decision to drop wrestling from the summer games is not one that was met with enthusiasm. Although not one of the biggest sports worldwide it does hold a prominent place in the hearts of the Japanese. While the rest of the world seems to be shying away from wrestling, Japan is still a nation that seems to find it an interesting sport and one worth continuing. It has become somewhat of a national sport and one in which they have always found success in.

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