Although Tokyo has one of the most incredible and adventurous nightlife scenes, there may come the time when you just want to settle in and have someone bring food to you. There are many delivery options located in the city center and suburbs of Tokyo. Some deliver for lunch, while others have delivery only for dinner. There is no shortage of delivery options, however, whatever cuisine it is that you crave, rest assured, you can probably have it delivered.

Domino’s Pizza

Description If you are looking for Pizza that tastes like it did back home than go to Dominos. The chain is located all around Japan and is as consistent and good as you get in the states. Priding themselves on giving you a little of what you get back home, the pizza always comes to you hot and fresh and just like you remember it. Instead of feeling home sick, try on a pizza for size. Domino’s is the taste from home that will make you feel home again.


Description Located in Japan is the restaurant chain Pizza-La. A chain around Japan, there is one close by. Specializing in take out pizza, you don’t have to go out. If you want to just settle in and order a pizza to eat at your home, or hotel, this is an easy way to get the tastes from back home delivered right to where you are at. It has the same consistent flavors that you know from back home and can take away any homesick feelings you may be having.

Pizza Hut

Description If you are looking for something from home, then order pizza from Pizza Hut. It is a chain restaurant from the states which is located around Japan. You are able to either eat in or order out. Having the same menu as you get at home, it also offers some Japanese twists on your favorites. You don’t have to worry about getting dressed up and going out, just have it delivered, sit back, and enjoy. An inexpensive pleasure that brings a little home to your away from home.

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