American Restaurants

American Restaurants

If you are looking for a little comfort from home, there are restaurants located throughout Tokyo that specialize in American cuisine. Having many favorite chain restaurants, or spin off from them, Tokyo will not leave you longing for the flavors of home. Some restaurants give an eclectic flair to traditional American giving you literally the best of both worlds. With hundreds to choose from, finding a taste of home is almost always within walking distance from where you are.


Description Originating in America, if you are looking for some easy, family style food, then look no further than T.G.I. FRIDAY'S. They have the best in American food that is fresh and consistent. Casual, it is the perfect restaurant for the entire family at a cost that will be pleasing to a budget. If you want bar style food, with consistency and quality, this is the best place to get lunch or dinner. You aren’t ever disappointed at this restaurant.

Hardrock Cafe

Description An American Icon, the Hardrock Cafe was based on the premise of good old fashioned rock and roll. Not just a restaurant that serves incredible food it has nostalgia and cool memorabilia from the history of rock and roll. Famous all over the world for the ambiance, it also has consistently good food. Great for the entire family, it offers simple, good American cuisine that isn’t overpriced, just tasty. Come for the sights, stay for the food.


Description There is nothing more delectable than rotisserie cuisine. Rotisserie meats are slow cooked over consistent heat, which preserves not only the taste, but the juiciness of the meat itself. An elegant dinner, there is wine and craft beer that is specially created on site. Not only a great place for dinner, it offers party rooms and the best for any celebration. Upscale elegance, you feel important and leave happy. Also offering the best in catering you can have this wonderful cuisine at any of your get togethers for a great price.

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