Brazilian Restaurants

Brazilian Restaurants

Many Brazilian restaurants are located around Tokyo’s city center. Offering the best in Brazilian cuisine, they are an amazing mix of Brazilian faire with the freshest ingredients of Japan’s coast. Whether you are looking for traditional Brazilian, or eclectic, there are many different restaurants that will excite the sense. Some of the most world renowned Brazilian chefs will fix up a plate of authenticity, so much so, you will think you left Tokyo for the evening and juxtaposed to Brazil

Barbacoa Grill

Description Brazilian restaurants are not in abundance in Japan, but this one is a hidden gem. Barbacoa Grill offers the best in meats that are slow grilled and handed out generously. On skewers and ready to be enjoyed, you can choose from many different types of meats and fresh vegetables to accompany them. The meat is cooked to perfection and makes for an amazing meal that gives you variety and tastes that you can’t get anywhere else.

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