Chinese Restaurants

Chinese Restaurants

If you enjoy Chinese food there is no shortage of restaurants specializing in Chinese food around Tokyo. Some have the traditional flavors that you would expect while others are a twist on the old tradition. Taking from the freshest of Japan’s coastline, the plates look more like a taste extravaganza than the Chinese take out you are used to. If you are looking for a taste of home, there are many take out Chinese restaurants that will make you feel like you are back home enjoying your favorite take out evening.

Chinese Cafe Eight

Description If you are looking for another type of Asian cuisine, try Cafe 8. A traditional style Chinese restaurant it has the traditional dishes you enjoy and are looking for with a little bit of eclectic flair. Located close to transportation, you can eat in or carry to go. When away from home and you are looking for consistent and quality Chinese food to carry to your hotel or temporary accommodations, Cafe 8 offers exactly what you are looking for.

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