Family Restaurants

Family Restaurants

If you are traveling with little ones, you may be having a hard time getting them to eat different, new and exciting things. If you are looking for a restaurant that will have something on the menu for everyone, there are many family restaurants located around the city center. Catering to the tourist, many restaurants will recreate the taste of home, having chicken nuggets and fries, or you can always defer to the chain restaurants located conveniently throughout the city.


Description A chain restaurant from America, Denny’s specializes in breakfast foods, but doesn’t leave off the dinner or lunch. It is open late hours and early mornings, catering to the many different American favorites. Consistently good, it is cheap food that you can rely on to always be delivered the same to your table. If you want to have breakfast for lunch, or dinner for breakfast, this is the perfect place to sit and bring the whole family on a budget.


Description How many places do you know that have a self service drink bar? Need I say more, that is what Gusto delivers. It is a cafe that has a one of a kind menu that is for everyone. If you are looking for a place to sit, relax and unwind this is the place. There are tons of things to choose from, soups to salads, or pickled vegetables, they have it all at a price you can afford. Customization is the name of the game at Gusto, you can special order everything you have a taste for.


Description Family dining has never been better. If pasta is what your masses want than that is what they will find at this Italian establishment. There are dishes that will suit the pickiest of eaters among you. If your little ones have ants in their pants, that is not a problem. No need to sit still. The food comes out quick and hot and best of all, on a budget, you can feel good about bringing the whole family. Opened for lunch or dinner, you can eat in or take out to enjoy at home around your own kitchen table.


Description If you want to take the family for dinner, sometimes kids can limit the quality of the meal you get, not at Jonathan restaurant. It orders up many great traditional style cuisine meals that are great for the entire family. If you are looking for traditional family style American meals this one delivery. In the traditional of the American ideal, the plates are generous, giving you enough to eat and to take home as well. Looking for a great value will lead you to Jonathan restaurant where you won’t be disappointed.

Royal Host

Description Looking for a family friendly menu and atmosphere, you can find it at the Royal Host. It is close to transportation and open for both lunch and dinner. The price for a meal is something that you will really enjoy, as is the menu with a variety of dishes for the entire family to enjoy. Uncomplicated meals are abound with a kids menu that targets those picky eaters. You don’t need to worry about the noise level you create, they cater to the young and the older loudness that you bring in with you.


Description Family dining on a budget? Cocos is the perfect place. If you want just an easy and causal meal for you and your family, you can’t beat this place. From hamburgers made from steak to a variety of beverages there is nothing that you can’t find here. Don’t worry about the kids running around, or require them to sit still, this restaurant caters to the unruly, serving pipping hot, easy meals, that are quick and come at a price that you can afford to take the whole family out with.


Description In the heart of Japanese culture, sometimes it is hard to find traditional Japanese food that hasn’t been altered for tourists. That is what you get at Aiya. An upscale dining experience, you are able to get all your favorites which haven’t been tampered by time. Good home cooking just the way they made it through traditional is what you will find here. From miso soup to traditional Japanese dishes, everything they order comes up hot and fresh to your table.


Description Who doesn’t like spaghetti? If you are looking for the perfect casual style restaurant to take the entire family, JollyPasta is it. Delivering consistently affordable meals with a drink bar and Italian flair is what this restaurant does every time. There are a variety of dishes to suit the whole family, even the pickiest of eaters among you. Casual, you don’t need to worry about keeping your little ones quiet, it caters to the young and old alike. Consistently hot and ready, this is the best place for everyone.


Description Specializing in Family style Japanese cuisine, this is the restaurant to take the entire family to. You can sit in a comfortable atmosphere and have a menu that is easy and uncomplicated. Best yet there is something for everyone of you to enjoy. If you are looking for sushi to deep fired pork cutlets, this place offers it all. Many original dishes line the menu along with old traditional favorites. Take the whole family at prices you can afford, it won’t break the bank.

Bikkuri Donkey

Description Family style meals, this restaurant specializes in a form of “hamburgers” which you may not have had before. The restaurant chain breeds their own cows so they know the quality is consistent and safe. They also brew their own beers and grow their own vegetables. What makes this restaurant so family friendly? Not only the atmosphere, but their dedication to pesticide and home grown food and quality that is delivered up hot and fresh every time.

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