Fast-food Restaurants

Fast-food Restaurants

Tokyo has all the conveniences that you would find in your native land. There are many chain fast food restaurants that not only make you feel at home, are good for meals on the go. Not every meal that you have while visiting has to be authentic. Sometimes it is okay to run through the drive-thru, which is possible at many fast food chains located around the city center. Try a fast food chain from your homeland, or choose to try one from a different region.


Description Yes, the arches are even in Tokyo, and with abundance. The American chain is located around Japan for your taste buds to get a taste of home. Hamburgers, fries and all the other great traditions that you love, you can feed the whole family for a limited budget and in no time at all. Fast, convenient and reliable, it is just like home. If you are looking for a little piece of comfort from home, this is a great quick fix, always the same no matter where you order it up from.

Burger King

Description Hamburgers, french fries and a crown to boot, you can get the same quality food you have come to expect from the American chain Burger King. A spin off of a great hamburger joint, their claim to fame is their flame broiled burgers. Not fried, they taste more like they came from the grill. The best part is that they still have the kids menu and the toy to accompany it. If you want a quick meal, which is at an affordable price, Burger king delivers every time.


Description Chicken anyone? From the deep tradition of home fried chicken, KFC delivers chicken with its most famous recipe. Fast food that doesn’t involve burgers or fries, it is the perfect place to feed the entire family with a little home cooking feel and taste. Well within your price range, this chain delivers on quality and consistency. Where else can you get excellent fried chicken with all the fixings including mashed potatoes, perfect green beans and coleslaw.


Description This chain is a fast food establishment that is from the horse racing board game. It is an east Asia fast food restaurant that originated in Japan. Serving up hamburgers, cheeseburgers and teriyaki burgers, it gives a new face to traditional fast food. Fast and consistent, it offers something that the other places don’t a new twist on the traditional and standard American hamburger. Definitely something you should try when you are somewhere other than in America.


Description Home of the frosty, Wendy’s food chain serves up a mixture of hamburgers and chicken sandwiches. The frosty is a shake that is so thick you need spoon to eat it. They have a kids menu that gives “kid meals” which come with a toy and are a tiny version of the adult portions. They also serve fast food salads and chili for something a little different. Another version of the great American fast food joint.

First Kitchen

Description A fast food chain that originated in Japan, it is the American version of a hamburger joint. They have a special bacon egg burger that is on the menu with pasta and fried chicken as well. Their “flavor potato” is the equivalent of the American french fry. Located around Japan there are over 100 and expanding. A popular fast food chain, it delivers cheap, fast food, to the masses around Japan and beyond. Great for a meal on the good, or for those dinners when you are working late at the office.

Mos Burger

Description Quickly taking Japan by storm is the MOS burger chain. It is termed to have “Japanese Fine Burger and Coffee”. It was begun in Japan and has stores all across the world. There offer hamburgers and other french fry and chicken variations. Fashioning themselves after McDonalds, they aim to serve affordable food, quickly, and consistently. If you are looking for a place to stop for dinner or lunch on the go, give it is try.


Description A chain restaurant which originated in Japan in 1992, it is a typical hamburger joint. Delivering hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, salads and coffee, it has a small menu for a small price tag. Located around Japan, it has its own following. The slogan is “Freshness Food, Freshness Serving, Freshness People”. Targeting a niche marketing that is looking for fresh ingredients to serve people quickly when they are on the go and on a budget. There are over 189 locations in Japan and other countries like South Korea.


Description When people got tired of the burger joint, they were looking for a fresh alternative. That alternative was subway. They deliver subway sandwiches, which are the combination of fresh veggies and meats on fresh breads straight out of the bakery. Extremely popular in the states, they are also available throughout Japan and other countries. Great when you are looking for the freshest fast food on the go that doesn’t take a long time, or cost a fortune.

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