Hamburger Restaurants

Hamburger Restaurants

If you are looking for a hamburger, you may think finding one is difficult. That is not the case in Tokyo. The hamburger is a taste that has become a stable in many bars, pubs, and hamburger shops. If you are looking for a taste of home, there are burger stands available located throughout the city. Available at many chain restaurants, there are also a fresh twist on an old favorite at many traditional Japanese restaurants around the city.


Description Just want to grab a burger? You can do that at KUA`AINA. They offer consistently good burgers at a price you can afford. In operation for over 15 years, they have the best burgers in Japan. Originating in Hawaii, you get a mixture of Hamburger with an eclectic twist of the Caribbean. Perfect for the kids, or the entire family. Affordable and relaxed, stop in to grab it to go, or settle in for a meal that you can enjoy.


Address 4-5-10 Hongo Bunkyo-ku,TokyoMap
Description Operating for lunch or dinner daily, this hamburger joint is the best hamburger in Japan. Not only affordable, it has a casual atmosphere that allows you to enjoy your hamburger in peace. Located around Japan, you know you will always get a consistently good burger at a price that won’t break the bank. You can either eat in or carry out. They also have delivery if you are looking for a meal to come to you. Stay in and order out, let them take the hassle out of cooking dinner.

Sunny Diner

Address 3-45 Senju Adachi-ku,TokyoMap
Description Dinner with the family is back. The perfect burgers and fries, is what you will find. A very small establishment if more than 10 people are in there at one time it is a crowd. What they lack in space, they make up in quality and consistency. Looking for a cheap burger that is amazing, and a chain hamburger outlet that always serves up the best burger in town, you won’t be disappointed at this one. The french fries come by the ton and so does the deliciousness of the food served.

AS Classics Diner

Description This is not just a hamburger joint, it is the best of what an American joint has to offer. The AS stands for “American Style” diner which means that it is serving it up hot, steeping and over sized. The things that American’s know best is hamburgers and french fries and that is what AS Classics diner delivers on. If you are in Japan for a short time, or extended and looking for an old classic, this burger will bring you back to your roots from home. Located around the city, make sure to stop in and get a big juicy bite of this one.

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