Korean Restaurants

Korean Restaurants

Whether Korea is your native land, or you just enjoy the creative tastes of Korea, you will have no shortage of choices of restaurants to find your favorite dishes. There are traditional Korean restaurants located around the city center, or those which have a new eclectic twist on the old traditions. Many chefs from around the world cook in the finest Korean restaurants located around the city for your enjoyment. A Korean restaurant will be located nearby where you are, or easily accessible through public transportation.


Description Korean food is found at this hidden gem in the heart of Japan. Open for lunch and dinner it offers you the traditional cuisine of the Korean culture with so much more. Having the freshest ingredients, it also offers twists to the traditional cooking with chefs creations that are out of this world. The ambiance is contemporary and clean, making it the perfect place to dine with business associates, or just a quiet evening alone with your significant other.


Description Korean food with a twist, Chegoya has it all. From beers on tap to the greatest seasoned vegetables that are traditional to Korean food, this restaurant will not disappoint. If you are looking for consistently great food, and a relaxed atmosphere, Chegoya is the place to be. With so many dishes to choose from, everyone in your party will be pleased with what they order, either hot or cold, it is the best Korean food you can imagine.


Description This one of a kind restaurant offers things that other Korean restaurants don’t. They have party rooms that can accommodate large groups and traditional Korean style hot pots. Also serving exotic drinks, it makes it the perfect combination for a fun night out with friends and family. There are over 130 types of dishes to choose from, making sure that there is something for everyone. Mixing the Japanese culture with Korean tradition, makes this restaurant the best available for anyone.

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