Mexican Restaurants

Mexican Restaurants

Who would have thought you would travel to Tokyo to get Mexican food. It is possible to get Mexican food around Tokyo’s city center. Whether you are looking for traditional, authentic, or more eclectic, there are many Mexican restaurants that can take the traditional faire of Tokyo and combine it with Mexican for a taste extravaganza experienced no where else on earth. There are also chain Mexican restaurants if you are looking for a little familiarity while away from home.

Zest Cantina

Description When you want something a little out of the ordinary, Zest Cantina delivers on traditional Mexican cuisine. It has the freshest ingredients with the taste of old world Mexican food. Great for a night out with margaritas, it is a casual restaurant that offers many different types of eclectic dishes along with those that you would expect. A great way to immerse yourself into another culture for just an hour or two.

El Torito

Description Looking for Mexican flair with a twist, try El Torito. It has all the ambiance of the Mexican countryside with the casual nature of the culture. Traditional Mexican food abound, there are also specials that offer an eclectic flair. If you have had your fill of sushi and Japanese cuisine, walk into El Torito for something different but outstanding. Consistent quality is what you can expect, with a smile and some Mexican music to lighten your mood.

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