Vegetarian Restaurants

Vegetarian Restaurants

Many of Tokyo’s cuisine is vegetarian. You can choose to make your dish vegetarian by altering what is on the menu, or frequent a restaurant that has vegetarian specific cuisine. With all the fresh tastes located around Japan, going vegetarian is something that is like no where else on Earth. You will get the freshest and most delightful tastes from your vegetarian cuisine that you can imagine. Never bland, every bite will be a taste sensation.

Eat More Greens

Address 2-2-5 Azabu-juban Minato-ku,TokyoMap
Description If you are limited by being a vegetarian to where you can eat, there are no limitations at Eat More Greens. They have a menu that includes only the freshest of ingredients that are completely vegetarian. Not boring, they are seasoned perfectly to make every dish a delight to the senses. Fully kid friendly, you may even get your child to eat their vegetables. With outdoor dining available, it has the ambiance of casual dining with the greatness of exotic dishes.

Nezu no Ya

Address 1-1-14 Nezu Bnkyo-ku ,TokyoMap
Description Serving up healthy, yet delicious dinners, Nezu no Ya gives to their patrons the freshest ingredients. If you want to have a completely vegetarian meal that still has lots of flavor and piazza, this is the perfect mix of both. Taking from traditional Japanese meals, their dishes are a great mix between your lifestyle choice and tradition. They have a standard menu that is out of this world and daily specials that take advantage of the many seasonal delights of the Japanese countryside.

Nagi Shokudo

Address 15-10 Uguisudani-cho Shibuya-ku ,TokyoMap
Description Looking for a quiet ambiance that is tucked away and just perfect for a great vegetarian meal? Nagi Shokudo delivers. It is the perfect mix between Japanese cooking and vegetarian flair. Located near public transportation, all the traditional favorites are available, all served up Japanese style. If it is fresh and healthy ingredients that you are looking for, you have found the right place with this consistently, and highly affordable establishment. This restaurant has it all, and fits into your lifestyle with the perfect mix of eclectic dining.

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