Vietnamese Restaurants

Vietnamese Restaurants

If you are from Vietnam looking for a taste of home, or just enjoy the cuisine that is indigenous to your homeland, there is no shortage of Vietnamese cuisines and establishments located around Tokyo’s city center and suburbs. Having the distinct taste you expect, with the freshest of ingredients available, these restaurants will never disappoint you. Many of the finest Vietnamese trained chefs are available to recreate your favorite dishes, or put a twist on them.

Banh Xeo Saigon

Description If you think you can’t get traditional Vietnamese cuisine so far from home, you are sorely mistaken. Banh Xeo Saigon delivers quality Vietnamese at an affordable price. Having the traditional tastes of the countryside, it delivers fresh and consistently hot meals served up just the way you like them. If you haven’t tried Vietnamese before, this is a restaurant that will make you want to try it again in the future. A great place for the entire family and close to transportation.

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