Chain Restaurants

Chain Restaurants

If you are looking for a break from the Japanese cuisine and something a little more familiar to home, there are many chain restaurants located around Tokyo’s city center. Giving you a taste of home, you are able to get your favorite meals of your native land. Trying new things is always good when in a foreign land, but these chain restaurants are nice when you just need to have the familiarity of home, and something consistent you can rely on.


Description If you are looking for a chain restaurant where you know what to expect, then Hanamaru Udon is the right place for you. Taking Udon to the public arena, they have noodles and other traditional Japanese dishes that are more mainstream, and inexpensive. The best thing about the chain is that it is kid friendly, has a full bar, and is great for either taking out business clients, or the family for a relaxing dinner.


Description A great chain restaurant that is located all around Tokyo is Marugane Seimen. unlike other chain restaurants, this one focuses on inexpensive, yet good food that comes hot and fresh. Not fried foods, or those that have processed foods, everything served is served up fresh and nutritious. It is fast food without that is truly good and fast. Stop in for a quick lunch or dinner. The idea behind the franchise is to serve good food at a price you can afford, and quality you can rely on.


Description For fast food that is anything but fast food, try Hidakaya. It is ramen noodles that has been made into a chain establishment. It is nice sometimes to know what to expect when you go to a restaurant. Located around Tokyo, you can rest assured that the food that you get will be consistently good, hot and fresh. Ramen noodles is what they do, in the traditional manner, with many different varieties to choose from.

Origin Bento

Description For the person who is on a budget there isn’t any place greater than Origin Bento. They serve up Bento box varieties at a price you can afford. Take the food to go for lunch or for dinner. It is consistently good, quality food, that is fresh and convenient. Instead of stopping in for fast food that can be bad for you and high in fat, stop in and get the Origin Bento cuisine to enjoy on the go.

Gyoza no Osho

Description If you are looking for some Gyoza that you can afford that is hot, fresh, and ready, then go to Gyoza no Osho. It is a chain that is located around Tokyo. A very cheap place, the food is not sacrificed, nor is the taste of it. Choose from many different flavors of Gyoza, cooked just the way you like in many different varieties. There is a reason why it does so well in Japan, because it is fast food without the fat and other drawbacks.

Yayoi ken

Description Started over 125 years ago this chain restaurant has made it through the decades to become a beloved chain restaurant. Serving Western cuisine that is fresh, hot and fast, it has the traditional foods of Japan that is healthy and nutritious. The safety standards and quality control is perfected and the atmosphere is casual and relaxed. It is inexpensive and something that is a guilty pleasure without the guilt.


Description If you are looking for good, cheap food, then try Otoya. A chain restaurant located around Tokyo, it has the great traditional taste and flavors of Japan, just in fast food fashion. The food comes to the table pipping hot, and you can customize your meals to get exactly what you want. If you are looking for a restaurant with a lot to offer the menu of this chain has a little something for everyone. Feed the whole family on a budget without the downside of fast food.

Hotto Motto

Description Casual food that is inexpensive and good is what you will get at this chain restaurant. It is a small establishment that is located around Tokyo that has fresh ingredients that you can get to go. This chain has a commitment to quality food at prices that you can afford, unlike fast food restaurants, the food is fresher and not fried. The bento boxes are quick, convenient and affordable. Located conveniently around town, it is close to many railway stations.

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