If you are an adventurous soul, you may want to try the Fugu cuisine while visiting Tokyo. Fugu is a name for the puffer fish which is indigenous to Japan. Although these tiny creatures are seeping with a neurotoxin that makes them poisonous to digest, many restaurants prepare this fish to make it edible and safe. If you want to partake in this Japanese delicacy, just do so with caution, although heavily regulated, it still can be a dangerous endeavor.

Tora-fugu tei

Description If you’ve never tried blow fish you are missing out. This restaurant offers the best blow fish cuisine in Japan. Never before has a restaurant been able to do so many amazing things with just one main ingredient. All dishes are fresh and inspiring. Originality is what this restaurant bases itself on. Tiger blowfish dishes are dressed up in every way imaginably, fresh and hand made, all ingredients are always at the height of season and presented to you with elegance and creativity.

Genpin Fugu

Description Offering original cuisine that you can’t get anywhere, this Fugu restaurant serves up the freshest ingredients you can get around town. Not only is the regular menu a delight for the senses, the specials add an elegance to the plate that you can’t get anywhere else. Looking for consistently good food at a price that isn’t outrageous, just tastes as if it should be, make sure to frequent this establishment for so much more than just a meal out.

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