A traditional Japanese dish, Gyudon literally means a beef bowl. It is a bowl filled with beef that is topped with ingredients and is then simmered with many different sauces including soy sauce and mirin which gives it its distinctive taste. There are many variations found around Japan with different ingredients, but the cornerstone of it is the preparation and the addition of different traditionally fresh vegetables and noodles. A traditional Japan dish that is enjoyed throughout Japan.


Description One of the largest chain restaurants in Japan and Asia, Yoshinoya specializes in Gyudon, which is a simmered beef bowl. Cooked traditionally with various ingredients, it is a seeping bowl of fresh vegetables which are simmer with different sauces to give it a traditional taste and flavor. Its motto “tasty, low-priced and quick” is the cornerstone of this chain restaurant. If you are looking for healthy, yet deliciously cheap food, this is the best stop you can make for lunch or dinner.


Description One of the largest chains around Japan, matsuya delivers the freshest food to their patrons. The ingredients are freshly produced from local farmers and the idea behind this company is healthy and delicious food fast and within a budget that you can afford. The company prides itself on being a part of the community and caring about the health and quality of the food that it delivers to their customers. If you are looking for quick, fast and healthy food, this restaurant delivers quality every time.


Description A restaurant chain located around Japan, this restaurant sells the very finest in Gyudon around Japan. Gyudon is a beef bowl cuisine that is combined with fresh vegetables and various sauces and then simmered to perfection. There are over 1000 restaurants that deliver quick, fast food, with a healthy flair. Consistent quality and originality is what makes this chain so successful. You can get many different types of bowls, but make sure you are never disappointed by the quality served up.

Tokyo Chikara Meshi

Description If you are looking for a new twist on old tradition, tokyo chikara meshi is the perfect place to please your palate. tokyo chikara meshi specializes in Gyudon with a new look. Not only having the best meats available, they deliver them with high quality and freshness that you can’t get anywhere else. Korean barbecue meat is the cornerstone of this traditional twist and something that no one else makes. It is the best restaurant to delight your senses.


Description A chain around Japan, Nakau offers to its customers that no one else does. It is a beef bowl with something a little extra. There is a reason why it has branched out to over 10 different countries. It is because it offers the freshest of ingredients and the highest quality meats found anywhere. Cooked to perfection, it delivers consistent taste that is hard to get from convenience foods and fast food establishments. Not just beef bowls, there are many delectable dishes for you to try.


Description Looking for a beef bowl that delivers quality every time, this chain located around Japan is the perfect place to stop for lunch or dinner. Consistent quality allows you to eat in or take out. Fast food that is always good and has the tastes of traditional Japanese cuisine, you know what you are getting every time. Something to look forward to, it is always pipping hot and ready to dig into.

Gyu No Chikara

Description Located in Ueno Tokyo is the wonderful Gyudon restaurant that delivers so much more than just a beef bowl. Made from the freshest quality ingredients, you are served up a plate of local farmers delight in a bowl that is simmered to perfection every time. If you are looking for a great place that will always entice your senses with perfection, stop in for lunch or dinner, or carry out for a delicious meal at home.

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