Okonomiyaki / Monjyayaki

Okonomiyaki / Monjyayaki

Japanese restaurants specialize in okonomi yaki, or monjya yaki, a pancake delicacy that is specific to the Tokyo region. Literally meaning “what you want grilled, there is a specific topping that is a tradition in Tokyo, and endeared by both visitors and local inhabitants. Whether it is accompanied by fresh locally grown vegetables, meats, or fried noodles, it is a taste you will encounter no where else on Earth. Perfected over many centuries it is a style of cooking that defines Tokyo restaurants worldwide.


Monjayaki is a type of pan-fried Japanese noodle that is combined with many other ingredients. It is a specialty served in the Kanto region and a variation of okonomiyaki. All the ingredients in this dish are finely chopped, battered and then fried to perfection. A very odd texture, once cooked it is described as “runny”. It is a staple dish for many different restaurants around the city, specifically located in the Kanto region.


Description Hand made food around Japan, this chain is consistently good and available around Japan. It’s decor is distinctive, as is the taste creations that they offer. The freshest and truest ingredients are what you find, never surprised by something you aren’t expecting, it delivers the highest quality, simple, yet elegant fast food around Japan. Located around the city, great for grabbing food on the go, or to bring dinner home after a long day at the office for the entire family.

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