Tokyo is one of the originators of the ramen style restaurant. Ramen is a type of Japanese noodle that is at the cornerstone of Japanese cooking. It has an original flavor all its own, and when combined with fresh vegetables and meats, it is one of the greatest delicacies the senses can experience. Ramen restaurants located throughout Tokyo offer to their clientele freshness, and creativity of spices of traditional Japanese flair, that has been a tradition in Japan for centuries.


Shio is a type of ramen noodle dish that is exclusively served in restaurants around Japan. It is a Chinese-style noodle made of wheat that is flavored with miso and soy sauce and covered with dried seaweed, green onions and sliced pork. Because of the popularity of it, there are many restaurants which have it on the menu as a mainstay. A good overall tasty meal, it is something that you should at least try.


Shoyu is the term which means “soy sauce” in Japanese. It is a type of ramen noodle that is flavored with soy sauce. It is the basic ingredient that gives Japanese food its signature taste. Made from soybeans, it is fermented which gives it its distinct flavor. There are varying flavors on shoyu and different strengths with each restaurant giving their own flair on the taste. Pairing it with ramen noodles, made from a buck wheat is a unique type of cuisine.


Miso is a seasoning that originated in Japan and is used frequently. It is made from fermenting barley, rice or soybeans that also has fungus and salt. Most commonly it is made from soy sauce. It is made into a thick paste or can be used as miso soup. It is used in many different kinds of cooking techniques and is a signature taste in the Japanese culture. There are many pairings that go along with miso and it can have many distinct flavors such as sweet, fruity and salty depending on how it is made.


Is a type of ramen noodle that is seeped in a broth. It is made from boiling pork bones, collagen and fat over a high temperature for long hours. It is a favorite type of ramen noodle in many Japanese restaurants around the city. The noodles are straight and thin and it is most commonly served ginger. It has a distinct flavor and texture that is all its own. While in Japan it is definitely a taste that you should try, being available at many different eateries.

Ringer Hut

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