Known as one of the originators of sushi cuisine, Tokyo offers the most outstanding sushi restaurants available anywhere else. Taking from the traditional sushi style cooking methods, the newer trendier style restaurants have a combination of eclectic, and cultural stapled, foods. The freshest raw seafood available, with the highest quality, there are not many other places in Earth that can offer such delectable, exotic flavors. Whether you are looking for old world traditional style cooking, or chic spin offs, the quality and tastes are incomparable.


Sashimi is a type of sushi that is completely raw. Freshly cut raw fish that is sliced into thin pieces are arranged around a plate. It is considered a delicacy around the Japanese city center. Having the freshest ingredients of any other region in the world, it is definitely something that you will not experience in the same way anywhere on earth. Giving it a try is recommended while in Japan. Many different fishes are available to try.


Kaiten-Zushi is a type of conveyor belt sushi style eatery. Similar to fast food, it is a Japanese style food that is delivered on a belt that continually moves fast. You are able to choose the food you want by picking it off of the belt as it moves by. The foods are served in portions that are more like appetizers, giving you a wide variety of different foods and flavors. The price charged is based on the amount of selections that you choose to eat.

Muten Kura-sushi

Description A food corporation run out of Japan. A grocery in the heart of Japan who believes in the freshness and quality of the foods that they sell. A business based out of making their foods convenient, and traditional, it is a call for the return of the freshness of using the foods of Japan with the highest quality. In a world of convenience and frozen food, this is a call to the return of the old ways of just good, fresh food with company.


Description Looking for sushi fast, but good? There is nothing that you desire more for sushi than freshness and variety. Offering the very best in sushi around Japan, you can always insure that what you get from Sushiro is going to be fresh and delicious. Consistency and quality are number one, making sure that their clients always receive the freshest ingredients made just the way they are ordered. Try this quick sushi which sacrifices nothing in its quickness on quality.


Description Looking for quick and inexpensive sushi that doesn’t sacrifice taste or quality? Kappa-sushi is the answer. Sit behind the counter and order up your favorite sushi meals. Traditional and new specials available everyday. High turn around, and inexpensive prices are the cornerstone of this chain restaurant. Each one has the high quality standards expected, so consistency is guaranteed. Eat in or take it to go, it is the perfect meal every time. Only the freshest and best quality ingredients are used.


Description Rated the highest quality sushi restaurant in Japan by worldwide sources such as CNN, only the finest and freshest ingredients go into the food served up at Sushi-zanmai. If you have had sushi elsewhere you really haven’t had sushi. The cooks aren’t hired from the streets, they are made through apprenticeship. All chefs are professionally trained and it shows in the quality and taste of all foods which are served at this fine establishment.


Description If you are looking for cheap sushi with the highest quality possible, look no further than Hama-Sushi. They may deliver your food on a conveyor belt, but it tastes more like an upscale sit down meal. The highest quality ingredients provide the customers with the highest quality sushi that tastes like it came directly from the sea. Sushi made with consistency and quality, you will always be assured to get the very best that Japan has to offer.

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