Tempura is a traditional style of cooking that involves the breading of fresh meats and vegetables. Crediting Japan for its origination, it has quickly gained popularity for Japanese style cooking worldwide. There are no other places on Earth than can create Tempura cooking the way that the restaurants of Japan can. Having a tradition and distinct taste all its own, it is something that you will crave no matter where your travels take you in the future.


Description Located in cities coast to coast, Tenya is spreading the desire for tempura Japanese style not only around the world, but around the city. The most consistently good Tempura cuisine you can get, it offers food at a cost which is affordable, but never sacrifices. Whether you want to eat in or carry out, you can get a meal which not only tastes incredible but has the highest quality, and fresh ingredients to give you a taste of what Japanese cuisine has to offer.


Description Not just a chain restaurant, Tsunahachi offers to their customers the very best in tempura cuisine from Japan. The freshest ingredients available, you are guaranteed to always get a consistently wonderful meal at a price which is better than the high end restaurants. Only the Japanese can deliver the best tempura worldwide and Tsunahachi is committed to supply the world with what Japan does best, good food, fresh ingredients, and creativity that not only tastes wonderful but looks like an art form.

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