A type of cooking style that is created by using an iron griddle, Teppan Yaki is a traditional, and cultural, delicacy that can not be duplicated anywhere else. Teppan Yaki literally meaning iron grilled or pan-fried. It is a way to cook dishes of meats and vegetables, that is done in front of the patrons of the restaurant. Much more than just the taste of the food, it is an entire experience of restaurant that you would be remiss to not try while visiting.

Teppanyaki Meat/Seafood/Vegetables

Teppanyaki is a type of cuisine that is cooked over an iron grill or griddle. Teppan literally means an iron plate and that is what is used to cook it. You can order Teppanyaki with either meat, seafood or vegetables, or a combination of all of them. Many restaurants have it on the menu as a staple, or it is the entire cuisine of the establishment. A distinct flavor, it is a signature of Japanese cuisine.

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