Tonkatsu is a specialty prepared pork cutlet that is a delicacy in Japan and served in many of the finest restaurants and cafes located around the city center. It is a port cutlet that is breaded and then deep fried. Two main types of Tonkatsu are made, either hire, or rosu, served with shredded cabbage, it is definitely a distinguished taste of Japanese cuisine. Originating as far back as the 19th Century, it is seeped in tradition. It can also be served as a sandwich, or alongside curry seasoning.

Tonkatsu - fillet or loin

Tonkatsu is a deep fried pork cutlet which is common in Japanese cuisine. Having an age old tradition, it comes in many different varieties in many restaurants around the city and in the suburbs. It is accompanied by vegetables and other side dishes, but is definitely a taste that is distinct to Japanese cuisine. Some variations have curry, or come in a sandwich presentation. Usually breaded with panko crumbs, it sometimes contains eggs as well that are used before it is deep fried.

Other Katsudon/Katsu Curry/Katsu Sandwich

The Katsudon or Katsu is a type of Japanese sandwich. These sandwich type meals are made from just about any type of meat and variations you can imagine. A signature cuisine in Japan there are many different styles, textures and flavors. Each restaurant will have their own distinct variation containing different ingredients, mixed differently, and flavorful. It is a traditional favorite that defines Japanese style cooking. It is something that you can’t find anywhere else.


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