Unagi is a freshwater fish eel which is indigenous to Japan and one of its restaurants delicacy. There are many specialty unagi restaurants located around Tokyo that tout this wonderful cuisine. Best eaten on a hot summer day when they are most in season, they can be enjoyed all year long. A form of sushi, it can be served either cooked in noodles or as a raw delicacy accompanied with cucumber. Because they have a neurotoxin which can be hazardous, there is a special preparation that goes into making them edible.


Unagi is a freshwater eel fish that is common in the Japanese cuisine. It has a distinct flavor all its own and is the main ingredient in many different dishes. A distinct flavor, it is something that you will not experience in other regions of the world. Cooked to perfection it is a delicacy that is an accompaniment to many different dishes and styles of Japanese cooking in eateries around the city center and suburbs.


Description Eel can be a very expensive cuisine, Unatoto offers the best in eel dishes without the hefty price tag usually associated. This wonderful restaurant is not only classy in decor, but offers you the best of exotic eel dishes over cooked rice and fresh vegetables. You will never be disappointed at this traditional Japanese establishment, always good and a great value for your pocketbook, definitely the place to go if you are looking for the best eel dishes in Japan.

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