Literally meaning “grilled meat”, Yaki Niku is a Japanese style way of grilling meats, and vegetables, that dominates the cuisine of Tokyo's restaurants with good reason. The delicate texture that is created, along with the fresh taste of the combination of local vegetables, tantalizes the taste buds like nothing else on Earth. Although the trend of Yaki Niku restaurants have spread worldwide, there are no other regions who do it with such perfection as the restaurants of Tokyo.


While in Japan make sure to taste the Yakiniku made from beef, pork or vegetables. Yakiniku is a type of grilled meat that is similar to grilling in North America. It is the original barbecue in Japan. It is made over griddles in many restaurants located around the city center. There are many different variations of this type of grilled meat, with some of them being completely meatless and vegetarian. This unique style of cooking has a very distinct flavor that is beloved by Japanese residents.


Yakiniku Innards is yakiniku that is made from the innards of many different creatures. It literally means barbecue that is made from the innards of animals. It is a delicacy that is found in many eateries around Japan and in the suburbs. A very unique taste, it is definitely something that you should try while there. The dish can be made from just about any animal or fish, it is cooked over the grill and has a very distinct taste.

Yakiniku Toraji

Description Ranked as one of the funnest thing to do while in Japan, this Korean restaurant is so much more than just a place to eat. Meat, slowed cooked over hot grills gives the cuisine a distinctively delicious flavor. Different sauces are lined up for you to dip and try new concoctions. It is one of the best restaurants around the city, located in the heart of Roppongi Hills an upscale neighborhood with a great ambiance.


Description If you think that prospects of cooking dinner doesn’t sound that great, you haven’t tried Gyukaku. Ranked among the best restaurants in Japan, this is not just a restaurant but an entertaining evening out. Each guest is given their own hot grill and meat to cook over it. Located as a chair restaurant around the world with good reason, this is a great night away with family and friends, and something to do that is more than just a sit down dinner.

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