Yaki Tori is a traditional style grilled chicken. It is not only known for the distinct flavor, but also for the presentation, and cooking tradition of cooking on skewers. Perfected over centuries, the cuisine presented in Tokyo’s world renown restaurants, have an exotic taste others will imitate, but never be able to live up to. Centuries of tradition have made Yaki Tori famous with good reason, combining with locally grown vegetables, it is a taste you will encounter no where else.


Yakitori is a type of skewered cuisine that is made in many restaurants around Japan. Most commonly used with chicken it comes in many varieties including using tori as the main ingredient. It is a favorite in many restaurants and a staple for both Japanese residents and visitors alike. Each restaurant has its own distinct style and flavor for this flavorful dish. Cooked over a grill, it is usually combined with various vegetables and other foods.

Yakitori Vegetables

Yakitori is a type of cuisine that is served on skewers. The vegetable variety is set upon a skewer and grilled over an open flame. Combined with other ingredients, the vegetables are taken from the many available fresh varieties grown at local farms. A very distinct taste, it is a traditional staple in the Japanese diet and something that when visiting should definitely be sampled. Each restaurant will have its own variation so trying it at different establishments will bring about different flavors.

Yakitori Pork

Yakitori is a type of Japanese cuisine that is found in many restaurants around the city center and in the suburbs. A staple dish, it is made with pork which is set on a skewer and grilled over an open grill. Combined with different vegetables, it has a distinct flavor that is perfected upon and changed with each new restaurant that serves it. A traditional dish in the Japanese culture, you can find it almost anywhere at restaurants and cafes.

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