There is nothing like a pub. If you are thinking that finding a pub in Tokyo is not possible, think again. There are many pubs located around the city center of Tokyo, as well as the suburbs. Giving you the home feeling of a casual ambience, and easy clientele, a pub has the staple foods that you are craving, and a quiet comfy bar stool for you to settle into. You need not wish you were back at your local pub from where you relocated, you can find your new favorite pub on any city corner.


Description FUGLEN TOKYO is a luxury distributor that is well known around Japan. Offering the latest in elegance of all types of different luxuries from around the world. It has the world class products of Japan, with the combination of all the best from places imported. If you want a little out of the ordinary elegance, then look no further than FUGLEN TOKYO. They have everything you want to bring a little class to your day.


Description If you are looking for a cool place to hang out and have an interesting beer, then try the microbrewery of THE ALDGATE. It is an establishment that offers over 21 different kinds of draft beers. Like sitting in an old English pub, you can settle up to the bar and drink to your hearts content. Waste the day away trying all their flavors and foods. If you are okay with eclectic foods with English flair, then you will love this establishment and frequent it frequently.

Brimmer Beer Box

Description If you are into microbreweries than look into the Brimmer Beer Box. It is a beer brewery that not only offers to you the sale of their beer, but you can take a tour. There is nothing more fun than taking a tour of this handcrafted quality brewery. They have the best beer all around, with a website that allows you to find out more about what they have to offer and to order, or find out where you can find, their products.


Description For those looking for a old fashioned pub to hang out at, look no further than POPEYE pub. They offer the best in casual style beer and happy hour tours for visitors. Whether you just want to belly up to the bar and waste some time drinking the microbrew that they create, or you want to purchase some to go, you will love the different flavors that they offer. Check out their website for more information on their beers and their establishment.


Description If you want to just hang out after work and take back the sites of an English pub, there is no place better than the HUB. You can meet up with some co-workers, or just sit up by the bar and talk to the old fashioned bartender who will gladly serve you up a draft of their fabulous HUB beer. Whether you are from overseas, or a Japanese resident, you will find yourself falling in love not only with the beer that they create and serve, but the ambiance that they create for their customers.

ALE house

Description If you are looking for a premier Ale house than look to the ALE house. It is a British style pub located in Tokyo where you can settle up to the bar to drink one of the best brews in town. They have all your favorite on tap, and a little taste of home. There isn’t anything that you can’t find of comfort, ale, Guinness on tap, or any other of the ales that you can find worldwide is available around the world.

The World End

Description There is nothing better than finishing a hard day than tasting a cold beer. The World End offers the best in ale and beer drafts from around the world and in Japan. Not only brewed beer, they also offer the best spirits made all around the world. A primarily Irish Pub, you will feel like you just stepped into an Irish bar. Food is offered as well, pub style food, nothing fancy, just good and consistent.

The Irish Times

Description If you love to belly yourself up to the bar and to drink your sorrows away after a hard days work than spend your time at the Irish times. It is an establishment that feels like you just stepped into an old Irish pub. The idea and concept behind it is that you always feel welcome and at home. Whether you are just in for happy hour, or you want a little food to tide you over, there is exactly what you want to make the day’s events melt away.

The Dubliners'

Description The Dubliners is an Irish pub located in Japan. It is like other Irish pubs from the old days. You can get a draft of beer while you eat some foods from the old Irish menu. Take some business clients or go with some co-workers to let the day melt away. The food is consistently good and inexpensive, and the beer just keeps flowing. The best way to have a casual time and to spend some time with friends.

The Shannons’

Description The Shannons’ is an old Irish pub. You don’t have to be from Ireland to appreciate an old Irish pub, in fact, you don’t even have to be Irish at all. What is more fun than going to an establishment where everyone knows your name. Familiarity is the name of the game with an Irish pub, it is about being comfortable and feeling like you belong. The Shannons’ has it all and then some. The best brew around and the food that will satisfy anyone’s wants.

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