Gift-giving in Japan is a nice gesture. If you give someone a gift, however, make sure that you tell them that it is okay to open it. When you give a gift you have to give the recipient the request to open it or they will not do so. It is polite to give a gift to another individual just make sure to go one step further to let them know you would like for them to open it or it may sit indefinitely.

Seasonal gifts

Description In Japan there are considered to be two gift seasons when people exchange gifts with one another. Seibo and Chugen are the times with which there is an exchange of gifts. The major times for gift giving is winter and summer. They are given between two people who have a relationship. If you go to someone’s house, it is impolite to not bring with you a gift for the host. YOu have to present it to them with both hands for it to be a sign of respect.


Description O-Seibo is a time when the winter turns that gift giving is done between people in a relationship. It is a designated time when people show appreciation for one another. If there is an individual who has helped you out, or invited you to their home, it is customary to bring them a gift to show them your appreciation for their act of kindness. O-Seibo is the time during the winter when you are supposed to recognize those people you appreciate in your life.


Description O-Chugen is the time when summer appears when it is customary to show how much you appreciate someone in your life by presenting them with a gift. The type of gift does not matter, nor does the expense of it matter, what does matter is that you are showing someone that you are appreciative of them and what they have done for you over the previous season. It is a time to say thank you and I love you to people in your lives.

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