Unlike other regions of the world, the Japanese people usually do not consider themselves of a single religious sect. They incorporate many religions in their belief system. The belief system that they often adhere to is called the Shinbutsu Shugo, which is a combination of Kami and Buddhism. Their religion is very complex for outsiders and visitors to understand. They believe in complete religious freedom, and religions of all types are not only tolerated, they are celebrated throughout Japan.


Description Shinto means the way of the Gods which combines the kanji or the shin, meaning spirit with the kami or the path. It is a traditional ceremony that sets the person apart from the spiritual world. It is a traditional ceremony that is performed at a funeral. It is a buddhist tradition that is practiced by a large majority of Japanese inhabitants. A shinto ceremony is most commonly celebrated at both weddings and funerals


Description Buddhism is a religion that is practices by the majority of Japanese residents. Although beginning in the Indian region, it quickly became common practice in Japan. It is a religion that believes in peace and harmony and is one of the fastest growing religions in the world. It is a religion that strives to reach a state of complete peace that is labeled nirvana, by giving up the cravings and the materialism of this world to gain inner understanding

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