Japanese weddings are different than those of other regions. They are all different with some being very traditional while others having a great influence of the west. Normally the ceremony is held around the shinto or at a shrine which can be located at a hotel or any banquet hall. It is accompanied by a reception where sake is drunken and there are symbolic offerings where gifts are given to the kami. Like other traditional weddings the ceremony is followed by a dinner and entertainment.


Description The wedding Shinto is the ceremonial shrine where weddings are performed around. Shinto used to be located in religious institutions, but they are more commonly located at hotels or reception halls where the religious ceremonies take place. They are the altar where the vows are made for two people to share their lives together bound in marriage. A heavy tradition, it is a place where the couple makes the promise to love each other eternally.


Description A Buddhist wedding has a long tradition in Japan. They have been around since the 1800s, and are usually associated with Shinto, and have become a shinto celebrated ceremony. Much like any other wedding they are ceremonies which unite a bride with her groom in a way where they made a commitment to each other in a ritualistic ceremony. Family and friends are present as the married couple to be makes the commitment to love and honor each other for as long as they live.


Description When the Japanese are making their plans for any important event in their life, they consult something called the Rokuyo. It is their version of the almanac, that tells the person arranging the event whether it is a day that will be filled with fortune, or misfortune. Calculated around the Japanese calendar, they are something akin to horoscopes, but they are largely consulted and followed in the Japanese culture. The day is calculated according to the month and day as either lucky or unlucky.

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