Living in Tokyo

Living in Tokyo


If you are going to work legally in Japan you need to register for what is called the “pension system” If you are a resident in Japan who is receiving a paycheck and between the ages of 20 and 60 you need to register with the agency, even if you are a foreign resident, the proper paperwork needs to be completed. To get a list of the rules required for application simply visit their website or call their hotline.

Medical insurance

If you are going to be in Japan for an extended amount of time you may want to insure that you have medical insurance to take care of your medical needs. There are many different plans available that depend on your age and plan that you would like to take out. If you are interested in medical insurance check out the website to make sure that you are getting the right coverage for your needs and an appropriate coverage package.


There are two different types of taxes in Japan, national and local taxes. Each resident has to pay a portion of what they earn to these government taxes. They go toward expenses for social welfare, public works projects, education and healthcare. To know what taxes you may owe and how to register as a foreign resident, check out the website for the information needed. Taxes are used to fund the many services that are provided by the government and governmental agencies.

Resident Card (zairyu kaad)

If you intend to stay in Japan for an extended time it is necessary for you to obtain a resident card. It is a state issued card that has a photo id and something that you must register for. The resident card will allow you to stay for a period of five years before you have to reapply for a reentry permit. For foreign nationals, it is important that you know what the rules are for staying in Japan for any length of time.

Family Registry (koseki)

Japanese law requires that all Japanese households have to report births within families to the states. All matters such as paternity, adoptions, deaths, marriages, divorces and disruptions of adoptions are matters that the state mandates they must know about. There are records that are kept about all matters that happen within any family through these official records. All Japanese citizens are required to keep track of their families with the Japanese family registry system.

Seal (inkan)

The Japanese Seal, also referred to as Inkan is a seal that is used for official documents. The seal is the thing that certifies that any document is real and official. There are many different types of seals, but they all come from an official source. They are the tag that tells any official where the document is from and that it has been certified by a specific agency or official organization. Used for centuries they are an important matter in business and any other official documents.

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