Banking Services

Banking Services

If you want to have Japanese banking services you may set up an account as a foreigner. You will need to supply identification such as a driver’s license, an alien registration certificate or a passport to do so. You also need to supply the banking service with a copy of your official signature. Once you have an account you can request an ATM card which will allow you to withdraw cash from any ATM machine.

Opening a bank account

Description If you wish to open a bank account while you are staying in Japan you will need to supply information about who you are such as an alien registration certificate, a driver’s license, or a passport. They will also need a copy of your signature for verification purposes. Since some of the ATM and banking services only supply domestic transactions you may want to consider opening a Japanese account for extended stay.

ATM (Automated Teller Machine)

Description Just like in the states there are ATM machines located throughout the city. Some of them have both Japanese and English instruction while others are just in Japanese. I you use a bank card that is Japanese there are usually no fees attached, while others that are foreign will not only have a fee for use, they may not be accepted at every ATM around the city. Simply use your ATM to get cash at one of the thousands of convenient locations around the city.

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