There are many different rules for social behavior in the Japanese culture which is deeply rooted in their tradition. Knowing these rules about behavior is important to being successful not only in business, but in personal relationships. There are many ways that you have to behave and show your respect toward others, depending on the many different regions that you live. Taking a class, or reading about them, is important to have a successful life while living in Japan.

Escalators or Stairs

Description Japan is a fast moving, fast paced city. There are many convenience things operating around Japan, including escalators and stairs. There for your convenience, you have to make sure you know how to ride them. There are also many accessible ways to use alternate ways if you are handicapped and can’t not use them. When using the stairs and escalators there is also etiquette about how to use them so that you don’t get in the way of others who are in a hurry.

Public Toilets

Description If you are using public toilets there is an etiquette to use. Never stand in front of the door while waiting for the person to finish. Also, in men’s toilets there are women who are there to clean once you are finished, don’t be alarmed by women in the men’s bathroom, it is common practice and something that is accepted in Japan. If you are waiting for your turn always stand back and wait from a distance if you don’t want to insult the individual who is coming out of the bathroom stall.

Public Baths

Description There are certain etiquette rules that need to be followed if you are going to use public baths. Following them is very important as to not insult the other people around you. You must take your shoes off at the door, pay to enter, undress at the locker, wash yourself before entering, hop in the bath, any of the many different baths and rinse after you have gotten out of the bath. Although a bath, they are still public and filled with the germs of other people who have come before you.

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