Shipping Services

Shipping Services

If you have a need to ship anything while you are in Japan there are several shipping services to choose from. Whether you are shipping international or domestic, there are different rules. If you are staying at a hotel the best way to ship would be to ask the front desk for help with your packages. There are several pick up and drop off locations around the town. Knowing where the package is going and what service to use can be confusing.

Kuroneko Yamato

Description Kuroneko Yamato is a service that is expert at both sending and receiving packages. It is a door to door parcel service that ships most anything from one place to another. They ship both domestic and international. Sending overseas is a breeze and they allow you either to pack your own materials, or they will do it for you. They also have international moving services to get your things from one place to another.

Sagawa Kyubin

Description For shipping around Tokyo this express shipping service is similar to messenger service in the states. If you need to get documents or packages from one location to another around the city, they are fully bonded and guarantee to deliver your package on time and with full security. They have locations around Japan that allow you to get your package there, on time 365 days a year. They have a package limit of 160cm, so it is only a service that deals with small parcels and within 30kg in weight.


Description Yu-Pack is a service that handles different parcels that are only domestic to Japan. They offer many different rates and services, but deal only in small parcels that are less than 30k and smaller than 1.7m. Specializing in quick service, they also have refrigerated goods services for shipping things that can expire, or for medical use. They also are great for sending your luggage to and from the airport or other things that you have brought with you that you don’t want to have to hassle with when traveling.

UPS Japan

Description UPS Japan is the division of UPS in the States. It is a parcel packaging service that has both international and domestic shipping rates and services. A full service shipping business they will either pack your goods for you, or you can pack them yourself. They are able to pick up and drop off to any location, or you can find one of their storefronts around Tokyo’s city limits and beyond.

Seibu Unyu

Description Seibu Unyu is a freight service that deals with larger shipping needs. They specialize in both international and domestic shipping but their main service deals in oversize packages and goods. They have a worldwide network and have both climate control and regular containers for those things that need to be shipping with special services. They are expert at dealing with customs and getting things overseas when you need them there.

Fukuyama Tsuun

Description Specializing in container shipping, they deal with transporting larger freights overseas. They have both trucking, freight and warehousing capabilities. An overall service they do more than just ship materials. They can warehouse them for you, or deal with climate control or other special shipping needs. When you are shipping large products or manufacturing goods overseas, they have the no how to get it there, through customs and to take away the hassle of shipping internationally.


Description If you have a package that is fragile or requires special services than KATOLEC may be the best way to ship it. Specializing in the orient, they also ship overseas. They have both domestic and international service, specializing in logistics and fine art. Fully temperature conditioned, they are an excellent way to ship things that require special conditions and to avoid any weather related damage that can be done during the shipping process.

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