While in Japan it is important to understand that their culture is based on reusable products and keeping the environment safe. With limited space, there are many recycling initiatives which are taken very serious. You need to know the rules about how to separate the trash and how trash is dispensed. Make sure to check out the website for trash to know all the rules that govern how things are to be disposed of properly while in Japan.

Separation rules

Description There are many rules that govern how trash is to be separated while in Japan. Due to limited land space, and environmental concerns, there are very specific ways about how you are to dispense of your trash while in Japan. There are three categories that your trash must be separated into, combustible trash, non combustible trash and recyclable trash. They take these categories very seriously, so understanding the complexity of separation is important. See the website to find out what the laws are regarding disposal.

How To Dispose

Description When in Japan you may have the additional responsibility of disposing of your trash. It isn’t like the states where you just place it out at the curb. There are many different rules relating to how you can dispose of trash and where you dispose of it. You have to use government designated bags and have it scheduled to be picked up by a service. If you don’t use the specific bags needed, you run the risk of the trash not being picked up and you being stuck with it.

Oversize trash

Description If you wish to have oversized items to be picked up for trash you have to schedule an appointment. You can’t simply leave it out to be picked up there is an additional fee to have it disposed of, and you have to call to schedule a specific pick up time and date. Any item which is large such as furniture, bicycles, or oversized items of that type can not be picked up the same as other trash items left at the curbside for service.

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