When in Japan you may need to schedule your own electricity, gas and water. If you need to set up service, simply contact the Tokyo Electric Power Company, Tokyo Gas and the branch of the Bureau of Waterworks that services the area that you are staying at. Ask your landlord which area services you. You can either call or contact them online. You have to pay a monthly charge that can be automatically withdrawn from your account, or pay by credit card.


Description If you are staying at accommodations in Japan where you are responsible for your own utilities, you have to set up electricity on your own. That can be done by contacting Tokyo Electric Power Company. Once you set up an account you are able to pay monthly either with credit card or through an automatic bank draft through your account. For information about their services or to manage an account which you have set up, you can use the website for up to date information.

Water and Sewage

Description While in Japan you may have to set up your own utilities. The water that you need for your dwelling place is supplied by the local branch of the Bureau of Waterworks. To find out which branch services your specific area, simply ask your landlord. You will have to contact them via phone or internet and set up a payment plan that can either be through credit card of automatic withdrawal form your account monthly.


Description If you should need gas utilities while in Japan you need to call to set up service. Tokyo Gas is the utilities company that supplies the Gas while to homes and commercial businesses around Japan. Simply contact them to set it up and leave your credit card information or a bank draft for them to automatically withdraw monthly. It is a service which you pay for usage, so every month there will be a different charge attached.

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